Fiberglass Rope

Fiberglass Rope

Fiberglass Rope it is woven by Texturized Glass Fiber Yarn. It is used for the material of keeping warm, Insulating against heat etc. It is the excellent substitute for Asbestos.

The Rope with metallic (Copper wire, nickel wire or stainless wire) are also available.

Size: 6mm to 150mm

Suitable for Temperature upto 550°C

Applications include boiler, coke oven, industrial oven, and wood stove doors; crucible packing and pollution control equipment; high temperature tying and lacing cords; and tadpole tape / gasket core ropes.

How Supplied:
Hi-Temp is available as densely braided compression packings - square, round and rectangular - in sections from 6mm to 200mm, and in any length. Full fitting instructions are included.

Technical Details:

Price Based On the Quantity
Min Quantity 50 Kgs.
Supply Ability 18-20 MT. Per Month
Payment Terms 100% Against Performa-Invoice
Place of Origin Mumbai, India
Brand Name Challenge
Product Grade No. CG 135
Certificate IS 14656 & BS 1902 Cover under ASTM C – 892
Application Pipe Wrapping, Expansion Joints, High Temperature Seals or Gaskets, for annealing furnaces
Thickness 6mm to 150mm
Section Round, Square & Rectangular
Grade AAA
Chemical Composition SiO2 54% CaO 18% Al2O3 12% B2O3 8%
Working Temperature 550`C
Fiber Diameter 2-5um
Thermal Conductivity 0.12-0.2w/(m.k)
Loss on ignition <18%
Moisture Content (%) ≤1
Warp Density 48~60 Piece/10cm
Weft Density 21~30 Piece/10cm
Organic Content (%) ≤15
Sample Availability: Yes
Delivery Lead Times Depend upon the Quantity
Delivery Terms: CIF, FOB
Main Markets Middle East, USA, Europe, UAE, Sri Lanka, Africa, South America, North America
Currency $USD
  • Fiberglass Rope
  • Fiberglass Rope